Megger MIT-525/1025/1525 and S1-568/1068/1568 USB Drivers

Driver install file for newer Megger insulation testers MIT-525/1025/1525. These are normally installed automatically by Windows when plugging the instrument in for the first time, if connected to the Internet. Download the attachment for the rare exception when Windows cannot automatically locate the file. 

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    Wiwin Winardi

    where should i place the extracted file ?

    and why my serial port only showing number 1?

    i've tried to refresh but only number 1 showed.



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    Mark Meyer

    The extracted file can be placed anywhere on your PC. When your PC searches for the driver file, you might have to browse to its location. Then the PC will take a copy and place it into a Windows system folder. After that you can usually delete the extracted file. 

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