Updated Curves for Pro Users

The curves in a Pro database do not get updated automatically when an updated version is installed. Curves must be updated manually and are only updated thru importing a CRV file. 

Curves are used for relay testing with SMRT and MRCT test sets, LV power circuit breaker testing with SPI test sets, and recloser testing with OCR test sets. 

The attached curve files (.CRV) are from the most recent release of PowerDB, and are compatible with and can be imported into databases from versions going back to PowerDB version 10.5. The attached curve files are from version 

  1. Download the files you need from the links provided in this article. For each file, follow the steps below. 
  2. Open your PowerDB master or development database. 
  3. Go to Database > Curve Library.
  4. Right click in the curve list and select "Import From File". 
  5. Browse to the location of the downloaded files and select one for import and press Open. 
  6. An import dialog will appear for each curve in the file. Press Import.
  7. If you prefer you can check the box for "Do this for remaining curves". 
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for each file you wish to import. 
  9. If you imported into your master database then you are done. Close the Curve Library dialog box. Curves will download to each field user at their next synchronization. 
  10. If you imported into your development database continue with the steps below. 
  11. In the curve listing, select the filter dropdown for the curve type that you imported. 
  12. In the curve listing, select the first curve in the list. Scroll down and shift-select the last curve in the list. 
  13. At the bottom of the dialog, press Upload Curves. This will open the Database Utilities window which will upload all the selected curves to the master database. 
  14. Repeat steps 11 to 13 for each type of curve that was imported. 
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